drone pilot network

What’s Different About Our Pilot Network

As a pilot, I run my business with 3 main focuses: the client, the pilot, and the deliverables. Each piece plays a vital role in what we do at JCL Aerial Services. My goal has always been to provide excellent service to our clients, while taking care of our pilots who fly for us. Here is our Vision:

JCL Aerial Services Pilot Network Vision

We are a company made by pilots for pilots. We provide an exceptional product for our clients by investing in all the pilots who fly for JCL Aerial Services. Our vision is to build a network of pilots who are enthusiastic about flying for us because they know how much we care.

The Client

How does our pilot network affect our clients? The pilot will be capturing the footage for your final product. This is very important, garbage in, garbage out. We believe that when we invest in our pilots, they will become enthusiastic about flying specifically for JCL Aerial Services. And that passion and excitement brings about exceptional results, heightened creativity, and a desire to over-deliver. When our pilots are happy to fly for us, you will be happy to work with us.

The Pilot

We create careers for drone pilots all over the country by nurturing pilots who are passionate about flying, fun to work with, and professional. We want to take care of our network, and when pilots deliver consistent results, we reward them. We have a 3-level system for pilots who work with us.

Level One: New Pilot

  • New pilots with us may have flown 0 or 100 missions before joining our network, but we believe anyone can grow into a great aerial pilot. A successful mission not only meets all the job requirements and specifications on paper, but also includes positive client feedback, prompt communication, and of course, the “it” factor – whether it’s really cool footage or an above and beyond client experience.
  • After 5-10 successful missions, Pilots move to Level 2.

Level Two: Apprentice Pilot

  • Apprentice Pilots are considered future leaders at JCL. Not only will they receive a sweet welcome package with some fun surprises, but they’ll be the first pilots to get job requests in their region, coaching sessions with company owner Jacob Lewis, and a 10% commission on any sales they generate for JCL.
  • Apprentice Pilots who are committed to our methods and fly successfully are the future Master Pilots, regional operations managers, and more.

Level Three: Master Pilot

  • Master Pilots have flown numerous successful missions for JCL and are considered completely trusted with any and every type of flight request that may come in. They’ll experience a bump in pay, requests for our top creative jobs that may include travel, and consideration for further leadership employment at JCL.
  • Master Pilots will get to be a part of creating our nationwide community of pilots through webinars, mentorship opportunities, and other fun ways to prepare the next generation of drone pilots.


I believe that the more we can take care of the people who work with us and for us, the more we will all succeed. We want to grow as a company to be the best at what we do, and wherever there is a need for an eye in the sky, we will be there. And when our clients get the results that they need, we have done our jobs.