Monitor Site Progress

Manage projects easier from the office with aerial photos and video updates on a weekly or monthly basis. We provide an all-encompassing product of your construction project. 

We program the drones to fly the same flight path in order to capture the progress from the same location. That way each week you are getting updates of the build, and then at the end you get a great video to promote your work!

This helps to improve safety and streamline a company’s process, bringing efficiency to the next level. We offer 6 month and 1 year contracts, as well as variable contracts.



Request Quote

We provide prompt communication, quote response will be sent within 24 hours of request.


Choose Length & Amount of Visits

Choose between weekly and monthly visits, and the amount of visits per month. We offer discounts for long-term contracts and prepayment.


Consistent Deliverables

We provide 3-5 images along with a 30 second video clip from each visit to track progress and share with your team.


Final Compilation

When the project is completed, we provide you with a time lapse video showing project from start to finish.

Time Lapse Construction Pricing

    1 visit/month
    - 5 Unedited progress images
    - Unedited video clip
    2 visits/month
    - 5 Unedited progress images
    - Unedited video clip
    4 visits/month
    - 5 Unedited progress images
    - Unedited video clip

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    1 visit/month
    - 5 Edited progress images
    - Edited video orbit clip
    - Final timelapse video compilation
    2 visits/month
    - 5 Edited progress images
    - Edited video orbit clip
    - Final timelapse video compilation
    4 visits/month
    - 5 Edited progress images
    - Edited video orbit clip
    - Final timelapse video compilation

Need other types of services? View all our drone services here.

    1 visit/month
    - 5 Edited progress images
    - Edited video orbit clip
    - Final timelapse video compilation
    2 visits/month
    - 5 Edited progress images
    - Edited video orbit clip
    - Final timelapse video compilation
    4 visits/month
    - 5 Edited progress images
    - Edited video orbit clip
    - Final timelapse video compilation

Need other types of services? View all our drone services here.


Yes we do! We offer discounts for long-term contracts, and for prepayment of services.

The weather is always a factor when scheduling a drone flight. When weather conditions are not good enough to fly, we will work with you to reschedule the flight within 48 hours.

During the preflight planning process, we research your job location to see if there are any flight restrictions. If the location is in controlled airspace, we will request an authorization with the FAA for your flight.

Online Reviews

JCL Aerial Services
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Crystal K.
I went to Jacob because I wanted do something with my drone skills. Within 2 months I started a business and got my first paying job! Jacob wants you to succeed and helps and motivates you just like a coach. Without Jacob’s help I wouldn’t be here having a business or not knowing where to start. Jacob’s the man 👏🏼👏🏼
Rainey S.
EXCELLENT SERVICE and product! JCL has done an outstanding job on two drone/still shot projects for us and we could not have asked for more. Jacob has been very professional to work with - from pricing and scheduling to editing and delivery. It's a pleasure to work with JCL - they're real professionals at every point.
Katie R.
Highly recommend! I've hired JCL to capture drone footage for my own client video projects. Jacob is a true professional: he knows the equipment in and out, keeps tabs on all the regulations and most importantly, has the technical skill to capture great shots.
Kelsie R.
Video was very smooth, clear, and fun. Great aerial view! Perfect for weddings, churches, pinics and more!
joel T.
I struggled with getting my drone business off the ground. I found Jacob scrolling through Instagram and the rest is history! He has helped give my business structure and pointed me in the right direction with the knowledge he’s earned only through experience. I’ve only been in the One on One Couching Course for 2 of the 12 weeks and it has already paid for itself!If you are on the fence about using him, don’t be! Invest in your business and yourself. You won’t regret it!
Avery L.
JCL Aerial services provided a lot of great insights and information into building and growing a drone business. The resources Jacob provides gives a leg up to anyone wanting to start making money flying drones.
Elisa D.
Jacob, the owner of JCL Aerial Services is very skilled at his profession. He made several important suggestions for our Self Storage Facility. We are excited to utilize the Drone film he created. Jacob is kind, and fun to work with. It was a pleasure and we have already referred other business owners to him.
I love Jacob so much. He got me so much great and crucial information in a very short amount of time. He is very informative and one of the best drone operators in the US. He built a very successful drone buisness and will teach you on how he did it so you too can have your own successful drone buisness. The value you get is well worth the price, he could be charging a lot more for how much information you will recieve.
Kent and Lisa L.
We were in the market for an aerial photograph for our home and found exactly what we were looking for! This website is user friendly.
Up Above Video S.
JCL Aerial Services has been a game-changer for me. His videos are not only insightful but packed with a wealth of information on both the art of flying drones and the intricacies of running a business. The group discussions and calls have been invaluable, allowing me to learn from others about what strategies work and what pitfalls to avoid. Jacob truly understands that there’s an art to flying drones, but when it comes to incorporating the business side of things, he covers all aspects comprehensively. Highly recommended for anyone looking to delve deeper into the world of aerial services!
Dwellings L.
Jacob is very easy to work with and truly delivers quality service and product. We have incorporated his aerial shots into our website, promotion videos and more! Highly recommend!
Dan B
Jacob's drone coaching program is outstanding! I started out as a mediocre hobbyist who could barely stand watching my own drone videos more than once and Jacob helped me create much more interesting videos and helped me with the business side as well. In 3 months I was able to get my first paid gig and multiple 'service for service' jobs, as well as build out my drone photography and videography portfolio and a website to get my business off the ground.
Sam C.
Best drone pilot! So knowledgeable and patient. 10/10 does recommend!!
Josiah M.
Jacob Lewis is a required resource for anyone starting in the drone industry. I already had done my own research and brought several skillsets to the table before joining his coaching program, and I still walked away learning tons of crucial skills that accelerated me to becoming a more professional drone pilot/drone business operator. I made way more progress in 2 months than I would have on my own with years of work. Gotta have a mentor to get started in any industry… and if your industry is drones, Jacob is the way to go!
Travis R.
I really enjoyed being apart of this group for 3 months, and feel like I learned a lot in a short period of time.I had only been flying for about a month before deciding to join, and by the conclusion of the coaching period I had a fully operational LLC, a few jobs under my belt and and understanding of what it takes to succeed in this industry.I would recommend anyone that needs guidance on how to run a successful drone business to check out the Drone Coach for some great insight!DNVR Drone LLC (@DNVR_Drone)
Derek W.
Used JCL for an online promotional video for our company. Quality was great and Jacob was awesome to work with. We'll be using his services again in the near future! Highly Recommend!
Daisy M.
Had a great experience with Jacob! He made it a seamless process to chat through what I needed in drone aerial photos and site images as well! Highly recommended - the photos were perfect for what I needed!
Nicole W.
Great, efficient service! Jacob was in constant communication making sure everything was perfect, I needed some content for a job in Park City UT and he provided a great drone pilot -Roy- and awesome pricing for some RAW footage needed! All the angles and shots you can imagine! Next day delivery for the files. I would work again 100%. Thank you Jacob and team, from all the Allsite Structure Rentals team!
Taulman F.
Highly recommend! Jacob captured beautiful aerial footage and photos of our drive-thru Christmas lights Display. Professional quality, rapid turnaround, and great customer service. We will return to JCL Aerial Services for all future needs. Thank you for the time and effort you put into our project Jacob, it is much appreciated.
Michael W.
I was greatly pleased with the video photography and pursuit of my somewhat difficult request to incorporate just the correct accompanying music for me.
Sam P.
JCL's construction progress aerials are top notch and provide great value to real estate projects.
John C.
A great investment to gain a 3 month course to gain detail insight to find the right tools, tips, ask questions and personal experience from Jacobs insight starting a drone business. Thank you
Josh N.
Jacob did a great job for our project. Was quick in responding to us and completing the work. Would recommend to anyone.
Andrew T.
From start to finish, JCL took care of us and listened carefully to make sure they captured the footage we needed with excellence. Will definitely be using them again.
I was looking to start and grow a drone business. I found out about Jacob and enrolled in his drone business coaching program. It was totally worth it. I learned alot through his course, live group calls, and just asking him questions. He has a lot of experience and knowledge in the drone business field. He really wants you to grow and holds you accountable throughout your business journey. Not going to lie, the program is not cheap. But you have to see it as an investment into your business. I have already made my money back and then some. Highly recommend his coaching program if you’re SERIOUS about growing a drone business!
Connaught Properties L.
Used JCL Aerial Service for real estate photography. Exceeded expectations! Professional, prompt and great communication from Mr. Lewis. We were not present for the shoot and JCL followed instructions carefully and was patient with the weather. Recommend!
Rebecca L.
Incredible photos, lots of quality printing options, easy to use, and speedy service. 10/10 would recommend.
stan P.
This project was our largest with 108 Modules
Frederick S.
We used JCL for four locations. Jacob was very flexible with respect to scheduling due to weather issues. Final product was terrific. Highly recommend.
Eric M.
I have the pleasure of being apart of Jacob's drone coaching service. I take part in the group coaching program with a mix of other great drone pilots that are all along the same journey and it has been well worth it! I love the value he provides and how he takes the time to share his experience and recommendations on how to properly market/grow my business. He's helped get my portfolio together to point where I feel confident sharing with clients. If you are a drone pilot that is looking to grow your business, do you self a favor and join the program!
Ikenna A.
Amazing work!!
Thomas J
JCL/Jacob were great to work with, extremely responsive, on time, and delivered great work. Would recommend for any job type.
Heidi B.
JCL Aerial did amazing work for our company. The quality of work was above and beyond what we asked for. Jacob is a professional at what he does and dealt with our employees and customers with respect. I would recommend this company and the workmanship of his work is excellent.
Danielle M.
We were extremely happy with JCL's services. We have used them multiple times and will continue to do so. Each experience exceeds expectations.
Katie R.
Highly recommend! I've hired JCL to capture drone footage for my own client video projects. Jacob is a true professional: he knows the equipment in and out, keeps tabs on all the regulations and most importantly, has the technical skill to capture great shots.
Rollie M.
Extremely professional and easy to work with. We ordered an aerial inspection and had the pictures within a few hours of completion. The pictures were high resolution and very detailed. Highly recommend their services.
Wayne A.
Jacob did a fabulous job photographing the obstacle course at our ranch!
Mannie M.
I recently had the pleasure of working with JCL Aerial Services for an aerial photography shoot for Calcaterra Apartments, and I couldn't be more impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and the quality of their work.From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the photographs, JCL Aerial Services exceeded all expectations. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of aerial photography techniques, ensuring that every shot captured the unique beauty and features of Calcaterra Apartments from the sky.Not only was the team highly skilled, but they were also incredibly friendly and easy to work with. They listened attentively to my specific requirements and preferences, and they went above and beyond to accommodate them, resulting in stunning photographs that perfectly showcased the property. Moreover, the turnaround time was remarkable.I highly recommend JCL Aerial Services to anyone in need of professional aerial photography services. Their dedication to excellence, combined with their technical proficiency and outstanding customer service, make them the go-to choice for capturing breathtaking aerial views. Thank you, JCL Aerial Services, for your exceptional work!
David N.
JCL does great work. They are professional, skilled & do things right.
Jesus Felipe Narvaez C.
Jacob will help you to have the right mindset to make your drone business grow and become a professional drone pilot. Thank you coach!
Marla H.
Great to work with, excellent quality photos. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting an aerial photo.
Guido G
Very happy with their service. I hired them remotely from NY, gave them some instructions and they really went above and beyond.I highly recommend them.
Kevin S.
Jacob from JCL Aerial Services was amazing!! Talk about unique way to highlight your business. Jacob flys the drones effortlessly and creates some awesome footage for you to use on IG, Facebook, YouTube and the list goes on. Thank you job for talking my idea and running with it. Or should I say flying with it!!
Todd D.
Jacob is a what you want in a professional drone pilot - competent and efficient, and a great aerial photographer. On top of that, you'll enjoy working with him. Hire him for your next project.
Amanda R.
Great photos, reasonable price and quick response/turn around time. Would definitely recommend!
Fred S.
We used JCL for four locations. Jacob was very flexible with respect to scheduling due to weather issues. Final product was terrific. Highly recommend.
John L.
I wanted to shoot an "establishing shot" for a indie movie I'm trying to put together. I tried doing it myself but it was shakey and the resolution wasn't sufficient. I emailed Jacob and he was right on it. The shots he did look great and the price was reasonable. Highly recommended.
Allyson T.
If you require aerial video or photography services, look no further! Jacob is really great to work with, listens to client needs, and helps to create a finished product that is highly professional. I definitely would recommend JCL Aerial Services to help capture a unique perspective for your special occasion, business, or event.
Sean S.
I was struggling to motivate myself to get my Part 107 Cert. and then I met Jacob who told me he could help me get it in less than a month. Not only did I get my Part 107, I also learned how to actually start selling my services as a drone operator. For the first time ever, I actually made some money flying instead of just spending! The course was comprehensive, and explained much more than just how to film and take pictures, but how to run the business, and find new clients. I am 100% satisfied and recommend this course to anyone trying to get into this industry.
Glenn B.
Jacob provided great service and was very responsive and helpful.Photos were top-notch.Would highly recommend!!!!!
Thrasher L.
Jacob was very professional and responsive to our questions and needs and provided a well made video for our marketing needs.
Mia D.
Wonderful experience! Was super accommodating to our requests and easy to work with!
Mark B.
I've used Jacob's fine services twice now to help me inspect difficult to access roofs. His very professional work has been a valuable asset to me and my building inspection clients and it is a pleasure having him on my team.
Wes L.
I have worked with Jacob several times with video projects for my clients. He was great to work with and a total professional. And the results were stunning. I would recommend him to anyone needing aerial photos or video!
Maureen F
Friendly, responsive, and professional, I would highly recommend JCL for any drone photo needs you might have. After reaching out to numerous companies to no avail, JCL responded quickly and was able to meet all of our requests. (Our company had an anniversary project that we needed help with, and JCL absolutely delivered. All of the photos were fantastic!)
Scott W.
Working with JCL Aerial was wonderful! The product is superior and Jacob is so easy to work with. Great communication, flexible scheduling, and great videos and pictures of our project. I can't wait to work with him again!
Avison Young I.
To say Jacob goes above and beyond is an understatement! The quick turnaround time and collaboration makes JCL Aerial Services a vital partner for marketing our listings.
Elisa P.
I explained the types of photos I was looking for and Jacob did a wonderful job capturing them. He was responsive, professional and the work was excellent. Those photos, are not only treasured photos of our family home, but will also be used in a variety of ways with business and projects that I have. Thank you JCL Aerial Services. Excellent job!
Elisa D.
Innovative and creative, we are excited to utilize our Drone film of our Self Storage Facility! The owner, Jacob Lewis is fun to work with and offered many suggestions above and beyond what he was paid to do. We have already recommended JCL Aerial Service to other business owners in the area.
Drone Span L.
Jacob is PHENOMENAL!!! Just finished a coaching session with him. Extremely Knowledgeable and Helpful. Best of the Best!
Randy B.
Excellent customer service. Quality work and quality photos. Jacob is professional and respectful. Highly recommended to anyone.