Get a bird’s eye perspective

Get a high resolution overhead perspective of your property, roof, or jobsite with aerial mapping.

Aerial mapping and modeling allows you to easily measure distances, plan out your project with cut and fill analysis, and keep a permanent record of progress and installation. These services can be purchased on a one-time basis or on a monthly contract.

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We provide prompt communication, quote response will be sent within 24 hours of request.


Flight Scheduled

Contract is signed, payment is made. Then we plan out the flight, taking into account weather and airspace restrictions.


Drone Capture

We map out your property for the drone to capture hundreds of images to be stitched together.


Receive Deliverables

We provide you with the 2D/3D map in the desired format for ease of use.


aerial overhead
This is a 2D orthomosaic map of a horse ranch. This map is compiled of 290 high resolution images stitched together for extreme detail.
aerial elevation map
View elevation changes in your land with an overhead perspective. This tool can be used for leveling out farmland or construction sites very efficiently.
3d model
Mapping allows us to create 3D models to show elevation changes and typography. This can be used for construction buildings as well.
volumetric measurements
Maps allow us to take volumetric measurements of stockpiles to better predict earthworks requirements.
aerial overhead image
Single Overhead Image
aerial map
Orthomosaic image: This is a series of images taken and geometrically corrected to be scale and uniform, making one large image 2D or 3D.


Our pricing for mapping missions consists of multiple factors: size of map, drone flight time, level of accuracy, and type of deliverable needed.

Unlike a regular photo, an orthomosaic image is a series of images taken and geometrically corrected to be scale and uniform, which can be used to measure true distances since it is an exact representation of the earth’s surface.

During the preflight planning process, we research your job location to see if there are any flight restrictions. If the location is in controlled airspace, we will request an authorization with the FAA for your flight.

Online Reviews

Innovative and creative, we are excited to utilize our Drone film of our Self Storage Facility! The owner, Jacob Lewis is fun to work with and offered many suggestions above and beyond what he was paid to do. We have already recommended JCL Aerial Service to other business owners in the area.
Elisa D.
Video was very smooth, clear, and fun. Great aerial view! Perfect for weddings, churches, pinics and more!
Kelsie R.
JCL does great work. They are professional, skilled & do things right.
David N.
Jacob did a fabulous job photographing the obstacle course at our ranch!
Wayne A.
Highly recommend! Jacob captured beautiful aerial footage and photos of our drive-thru Christmas lights Display. Professional quality, rapid turnaround, and great customer service. We will return to JCL Aerial Services for all future needs. Thank you for the time and effort you put into our project Jacob, it is much appreciated.
Taulman F.
Great to work with, excellent quality photos. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting an aerial photo.
Marla H.
From start to finish, JCL took care of us and listened carefully to make sure they captured the footage we needed with excellence. Will definitely be using them again.
Andrew T.
Highly recommend! I've hired JCL to capture drone footage for my own client video projects. Jacob is a true professional: he knows the equipment in and out, keeps tabs on all the regulations and most importantly, has the technical skill to capture great shots.
Katie R.
If you require aerial video or photography services, look no further! Jacob is really great to work with, listens to client needs, and helps to create a finished product that is highly professional. I definitely would recommend JCL Aerial Services to help capture a unique perspective for your special occasion, business, or event.
Allyson T.
We used JCL for four locations. Jacob was very flexible with respect to scheduling due to weather issues. Final product was terrific. Highly recommend.
Fred S.
Excellent customer service. Quality work and quality photos. Jacob is professional and respectful. Highly recommended to anyone.
Randy B.

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