Get Your Money’s Worth


At JCL Aerial Services, I want to do the best job possible for our clients. I want to go above and beyond their expectations. Part of that means ensuring they get their money’s worth. The last thing I want is for a client’s video to sit in a Dropbox folder or on someone’s desktop computer underutilized.

I put together a list of ways to get the most out of your drone content. Some of it is simple, and some of it is complex. But everyone should be able to do at least one of these! At the end of the day, this step is in your hands. We can get you the most stunning shots imaginable, but if nobody ever sees it, they’re useless. And we don’t want our product to be useless!

Put it on Social Media

Social Media has become a big part of business, whether or not you want to admit it. Social Media is the white pages where all businesses can freely advertise. It is a tool that can be used to get new customers. You can upload your drone footage to Facebook and Instagram fairly easily. I recommend using a panorama image or a 30 second video compilation as your cover photo. That is the first thing anyone sees when they visit your page.

Add it to your Website

If a company manages your website, send them the Dropbox link, requesting the footage be added to your site. Look through your website, and note where you think the images would fit best. Video is the most engaging tool available online, why miss out on that?

Websites need to be updated with new content regularly to stay high on google rankings. Simply add a new blog post with the YouTube video link, or create a new portfolio page showcasing what we captured on the job.

Share with Potential Clients

Easily send the video link to prospective clients to show the work you’ve done, and what your capabilities are. An aerial perspective of a job site or property can answer so many questions! Use it to your advantage, and give them a new perspective on what you do.

Share with your Organization 

Don’t forget to share the video with your team internally! They may need it for a future consultation with a client. This keeps everyone in the loop when it comes to project development.

Get Prints

You can easily order prints of your photos off of our online store. Purchase wall art, post cards, and more! Hang it up in your office, or send them out as thank you cards with your custom aerial shot. We also have a store where you can purchase stock prints of our work!


I want the best for my clients, and I want them to squeeze every drop of value they can out of the services we provide. Drones and drone footage are simply a tool. They can take up space on your computer, or they can benefit everyone around you.