Drones Solve Problems

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Drones are becoming more and more common in the United States. The question I get all the time is, “Aren’t drones just toys?”. The answer is yes and no. Many kids this year will receive presents under the tree that are toy drones. Kids LOVE drones! The answer is also no, based on the simple fact that I built a business providing professional drone services.

Drones are tools that can be used in a limitless number of applications. Drones solve problems. Does your kid want a new toy to fly around the house and into someone’s hair? Yes, they do, problem solved! But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the kinds of problems drones are solving. Here are some of the problems JCL Aerial Services has solved with drone technology in 2021.


Real Estate: When a customer is searching for a new home, an aerial video answers so many questions that the realtor doesn’t have to answer:

  • What does the neighborhood look like?
  • How far away are these landmarks?
  • How close are my neighbors?

Construction: General Contractors and property developers no longer need to go down to the job site to see progress in a given week. They are also able to share progress reports with investors, owners, and team members to keep everyone in the loop. Our clients who are working remote, or in another state have the ability to stay informed with their projects.  

Marketing: We partner with a lot of marketing and video production companies. This way, they can provide drone services to their clients without having to invest in a drone, study to pass the drone certification test, and carry additional drone insurance. We take care of all that so they can focus on the shoot on the ground.


Real Estate: We have gotten to work with commercial realtors to better market investment properties, apartment complexes, and land with aerial photography. By providing their customers with an aerial perspective, they have been able to fill up complexes quicker and get property sold quicker.

Construction: We save our clients money on the job site by giving them a new tool to help with planning. When they are bidding on a new project, mapping provides more accurate measurements so they can be more precise with bidding. And weekly site visits allow the superintendent to better plan out and adjust the schedule for subcontractors so there is less downtime on the job site.


Roofing: We are able to keep people off of unsafe roofs with aerial inspections. We have provided aerial maps to property developments so our clients can see every roof top to check for damage, simply by zooming in to a single image.

Developments: We provide aerial maps to help solve traffic flow problems, and to provide a current view of the site after new construction.


JCL Aerial Services solves problems with drones, and the sky is the limit, when it comes to the number of problems we can solve with drone technology. As 2021 comes to end, it has been great to look back and see the impact we have made in these industries. I am thankful for all of our amazing clients, and they seem to like working with us, take their word for it:

“EXCELLENT SERVICE and product! JCL has done an outstanding job on two drone/still shot projects for us and we could not have asked for more. Jacob has been very professional to work with – from pricing and scheduling to editing and delivery. It’s a pleasure to work with JCL – they’re real professionals at every point.”

Rainey Scott (google review)

It’s also great to see so many people excited about drones, hobbiests and commercial operators alike. The ‘BUZZ’ of this industry is here to stay!

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