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Sign up for Drone Pilot Coaching! My name is Jacob, The Drone Coach, and I started my trying to make money flying drones in 2018. Since then, I made a TON of mistakes, but I also learned how to actually make money flying drones.

If you’re looking to figure out how to make money flying drones, and you’re ready to commit to the process, you’re perfect for this program. I have helped many other pilots make money flying drones, grow their business, and do what they love. Watch the video below to learn more.

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I was looking to start and grow a drone business. I found out about Jacob and enrolled in his drone business coaching program. It was totally worth it. I learned alot through his course, live group calls, and just asking him questions. He has a lot of experience and knowledge in the drone business field. He really wants you to grow and holds you accountable throughout your business journey. Not going to lie, the program is not cheap. But you have to see it as an investment into your business. I have already made my money back and then some. Highly recommend his coaching program if you’re SERIOUS about growing a drone business!
John C.
A great investment to gain a 3 month course to gain detail insight to find the right tools, tips, ask questions and personal experience from Jacobs insight starting a drone business. Thank you
Travis R.
I really enjoyed being apart of this group for 3 months, and feel like I learned a lot in a short period of time.I had only been flying for about a month before deciding to join, and by the conclusion of the coaching period I had a fully operational LLC, a few jobs under my belt and and understanding of what it takes to succeed in this industry.I would recommend anyone that needs guidance on how to run a successful drone business to check out the Drone Coach for some great insight!DNVR Drone LLC (@DNVR_Drone)
Jesus Felipe Narvaez C.
Jacob will help you to have the right mindset to make your drone business grow and become a professional drone pilot. Thank you coach!
Sean S.
I was struggling to motivate myself to get my Part 107 Cert. and then I met Jacob who told me he could help me get it in less than a month. Not only did I get my Part 107, I also learned how to actually start selling my services as a drone operator. For the first time ever, I actually made some money flying instead of just spending! The course was comprehensive, and explained much more than just how to film and take pictures, but how to run the business, and find new clients. I am 100% satisfied and recommend this course to anyone trying to get into this industry.
Josiah M.
Jacob Lewis is a required resource for anyone starting in the drone industry. I already had done my own research and brought several skillsets to the table before joining his coaching program, and I still walked away learning tons of crucial skills that accelerated me to becoming a more professional drone pilot/drone business operator. I made way more progress in 2 months than I would have on my own with years of work. Gotta have a mentor to get started in any industry… and if your industry is drones, Jacob is the way to go!
Eric M.
I have the pleasure of being apart of Jacob's drone coaching service. I take part in the group coaching program with a mix of other great drone pilots that are all along the same journey and it has been well worth it! I love the value he provides and how he takes the time to share his experience and recommendations on how to properly market/grow my business. He's helped get my portfolio together to point where I feel confident sharing with clients. If you are a drone pilot that is looking to grow your business, do you self a favor and join the program!
Crystal K.
I went to Jacob because I wanted do something with my drone skills. Within 2 months I started a business and got my first paying job! Jacob wants you to succeed and helps and motivates you just like a coach. Without Jacob’s help I wouldn’t be here having a business or not knowing where to start. Jacob’s the man 👏🏼👏🏼
Dan B
Jacob's drone coaching program is outstanding! I started out as a mediocre hobbyist who could barely stand watching my own drone videos more than once and Jacob helped me create much more interesting videos and helped me with the business side as well. In 3 months I was able to get my first paid gig and multiple 'service for service' jobs, as well as build out my drone photography and videography portfolio and a website to get my business off the ground.
Drone Span L.
Jacob is PHENOMENAL!!! Just finished a coaching session with him. Extremely Knowledgeable and Helpful. Best of the Best!
Wayne A.
Jacob did a fabulous job photographing the obstacle course at our ranch!