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2D Mapping and 3D Modeling

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Aerial Mapping and Modeling are some of the most valuable services that drones offer. There are so many applications when it comes to mapping. We offer this service to construction companies, property management groups, roofers conducting roof inspections, and much more. Drone mapping saves you time.

Aerial mapping and modeling allows you to easily see the big picture from a bird’s eye view, measure distances, plan out your project with cut and fill analysis, and keep a permanent record of progress and installation.

2D Mapping

2D Mapping refers to something like Google Earth. We send the drone up to take 500-1000 images overhead of the job site. These images are then stitched together to create a single file for viewing, tracking, or distance measurements. Unlike a regular photo, an orthomosaic image is a series of images taken and geometrically corrected to be scale and uniform, which can be used to measure true distances since it is an exact representation of the earth’s surface.

aerial overhead image
Single Overhead Image
aerial map
Orthomosaic image: A series of images taken and corrected to be scale and uniform.

2D Mapping also shows a record of installation. After covering up pipelines on the site, you may still need to drill down into the ground. You may not be able to tell where the piping went unless you had a map to go back to that shows where that pipe was laid.

Mapping an area also allows you to view elevation changes. Find the highes point and the lowest point on the job site.

aerial overhead
This is a 2D orthomosaic map of a horse ranch. This map is compiled of 290 high resolution images stitched together for extreme detail.
aerial elevation map
Digital Terrain and Surface Models allow you to view elevation changes in your land with an overhead perspective.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling creates a 3D rendering of the job site, so you can make stockpile measurements, create cut-fill analyses, and much more. You can also track elevation changes on the site. That way, General Contractors and teams can prove how they met environmental requirements.

3d model
Mapping allows us to create 3D models to show elevation changes and typography. This can be used for construction buildings too.
volumetric measurements
Maps allow us to take volumetric measurements of stockpiles to better predict earthworks requirements.


Mapping is a great tool for multiple industries. But there is a lot involved when it comes to getting a solid deliverable that can be used. Most teams who try doing it in house tend to miss out on all of the benefits that drone technology can provide. Mapping requires you to know more then just flying the drone. We make sure to use the best software around, with the best camera capture settings to ensure the highest quality possible.

Do you want to take time away from what you’re good at to attempt something you may not understand, or do you want to hire a pro who has the equipment and knows what they’re doing? Check out what our clients think:

Jacob is what you want in a professional drone pilot – competent and efficient, and a great aerial photographer. On top of that, you’ll enjoy working with him. Hire him for your next project.

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